StrechCordz Breaststroke Machine


A unique resistance product used for both outward and inward sweep in breaststroke pull to strengthen muscles and increase power.

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Product Description

Each paddle has two tubes and four attachment points. Inside mounted tubes are 27-in (68.6 cm) long and the outside mounted tubes are 41-in (1.0 m) long. Not interchangeable. Available in five resistance levels.

Color Resistance (1bs)* Resistance (kg)*
Silver 3-8 1.3-3.6
Yellow 5-14 2.2-6.3
Green 8-24 3.6-10.8
Red 12-31 5.4-14.1
Blue 14-34 6.3-15.4
* resistance when stretched 1 – 3 times original length.

As there are two tubes per attachment, the numbers would be double.

Shipping Information

Weight 1.00 lbs

Blue: 14-34 lb (6.3-15.4 kg), Green: 8-24 lb (3.6-10.8 kg), Red: 12-31 lb (5.4-14.1 kg), Silver: 3-8 lb (2.2-6.3 kg), Yellow: 5-14 lb (2.25-6.3 kg)

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