Soak Dive Streamers

Soak Dive Streamers

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The Soak Dive Ball Streamers are made with bright colored neoprene makes the streamers easy to see and easy to grab under water. A fun game that helps improve swimming skills.

Product Description

The Soak Dive Streamers are the new neoprene water dive streamers that after tossed in the pool set on the bottom and wave in the water.
The brightly colored neoprene Streamer is easy to see and grab in the water.
Use the Streamer as a fun game and to improve swimming skills.
Neoprene makes them long lasting and the bright colors catch your eye.
The Soak Dive Streamers can be used as a fun game and to improve swimming skills.
The Streamers offer unlimited opportunities for playing games and having fun with family or friends.
Can be used as a learn to swim teaching tool.
AGE: For ages 5 and up

Shipping Information

Weight .80 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 12 in

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