STRECHCORDZ® Stationary Swim Trainer


Designed for in-place resistance swim training while using lane lines, to train for proper hip rotation; critical to stroke efficiency. Several can be used in one lane at a time. Coaches can assist with positioning and stroke while swimmer is stationary. Use in home swimming spas where jets are not too powerful.

Product Description

A comfortable waist belt that fits up to 44-in (1.1 m) waist with two, 2-ft (60 cm) tubes and 2.5-ft (76 cm) of adjustable webbing with clips on each side.
Available in green resistance level (8 – 24 lbs / 3.6 – 10.8 kg of pull*).
Not interchangeable.
*Resistance when stretched 1-3 times original length.

Shipping Information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 4 x 12 in

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